UPLB GS, RUA hold institutional outcomes and educational philosophy workshop

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The UPLB Graduate School (GS) and the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) of Cambodia are holding  the “Workshop on Institutional Outcomes and Educational Philosophy” as part of a partnership under the Higher Education Improvement Project (HEIP) which is funded by the World Bank.

The workshop kicked off with a short opening program held via virtual conference on Nov. 12. 

Part 1, which followed immediately after the opening program, focused on educational philosophy and institutional outcomes. 

Parts 2 and 3 of the workshop will be held on Nov. 24 and Nov. 26, respectively. After Part 1, the participants will conduct continuing activities to prepare for the next parts.

In his welcome remarks, Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Jr., described the workshop as a venue for collaborative activities to discuss and draft institutional outcome and educational philosophy in the context of higher education at RUA.

The workshop, Chancellor Camacho said, aims to enhance the quality of graduate programs and to upgrade individual and institutional capacities at the Cambodian university.

In her welcome message, Prof. Dr. Seng Mom, vice rector of RUA, representing the rector, His Excellency Dr. Ngo Buntham, expressed her pleasure and gratitude for the partnership between UPLB and RUA, saying that it is a great honor to be working with a strong university in the region and in the world. 

She said that HEIP will not only deliver the committed output but also create an opportunity to explore and expand their collaboration with UPLB in other fields, as well.

The workshop proper began with the opening remarks by Dr. Jomar F. Rabajante, dean of GS. 

Dr. Rabajante, in explaining the importance of the activities in Part 1 of the workshop, said that without it, it will be very difficult to craft detailed strategies, improved curricular programs, and effective graduate school systems.

“We need to have outcomes so that we will know what to do now and in the next years to attain the outcomes. Today, we will look at the future and design the outcomes towards that future,” Dr. Rabajante added.

Dr. Nguon Samnang, dean of RUA GS, expressed gratitude for the visionary leadership and administration of RUA and for the strategic partnership and commitment they have built with UPLB GS.

Following the opening messages was the presentation of the results of a visioning exercise that was held earlier in September. The presentation was made by Dr. Ronilo Jose Flores, associate dean of GS.

The visioning exercise immediately followed, also done virtually using the Mural Vision Board. Dr. Rabajante gave his insights on the outputs from RUA in his synthesis and how the participants can still improve these in preparation for Parts 2 and 3 of the workshop.

Also in attendance was Dr. Anna Floresca Firmalino, director of the Office for Institutional Linkages who gave the closing remarks for Part I, describing it as initial steps in developing and improving the RUA graduate programs, procedures, and administration.

Serving as program host for Part 1 was Keirth France Eymard Manio, project assistant at GS.

The workshop resource speakers for Parts 2 and 3 are UPLB faculty members, Dr. Ruth A. Ortega-Dela Cruz and Dr. Greg Tabios Pawilen.

Dr. Ortega-Dela Cruz is an associate professor at the Institute for Governance and Rural Development of the College of Public Affairs and Development and program chair of the Bachelor of Education Studies at the UP Open University.

Dr. Pawilen is the director of the UPLB Office for Institutional Development in Higher Education. He is a professor at the Department of Human and Family Development Studies of the College of Human Ecology. (JMBo)

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