Tuition and Other Fees


As a premier regional and global university, UPLB provides access to quality graduate education to local and foreign students.

The costs of attending UPLB fall into two categories: (1) tuition and related fees for services provided by the University; and (2) living costs and personal expenses.

Since the University is supported by the State, part of the educational costs is subsidized by the government. The charges to be borne by the student may be substantially reduced by socialized tuition and the financial assistance program. Enrollment privileges are also provided by the University. Private scholarships, fellowships, and other grants also cushion the costs of education.

University Charges for Graduate Students 

Tuition Fee – Php 1000/unit
Laboratory Fees – Php 300-400/subject

[Note: Courses under the Master in Animal Nutrition, Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management, and PhD by Research programs as well as courses under the UP Professional School for Agriculture and the Environment (PSAE) have different sets of rates, please contact GS or the respective units for the information.]

Miscellaneous Fees
Library Fee – Php 800
Athletic Fee – Php 75
Medical Fee – Php 50
Registration Fee – Php 40
Cultural Fee – Php 50
Student Fund – Php 45.50

Other Fees

For New Students:
Entrance – Php 30
Deposit (refundable when student leaves the university) – Php 100

Application Fee/Deferment Fee:
Filipino – Php 500/200
Foreigner – 40/15 USD

Late Registration (fine) – Php 50
Change of Matriculation – Php 20/subject
Dropping of Course – Php 20/unit
Leave of Absence – Php 300
Absence without Leave – Php 500
Removal – Php 20
Validation – Php 20
Certification – Php 50
Graduation – Php 300
True Copy of Grades – Php 50

For Foreign Students only
Graduate Education Development Fee (GEDF):
Mid Year Term – 200 USD
Semester – 500 USD
For Residency Only – 100 USD

For other concerns (e.g., visa), please contact the International Students Relations.

For estimates of living costs and personal expenses, please contact [email protected] (for Filipino students) or the International Students Relations (for foreign students).


A student who has paid his matriculation fees and who withdraws his registration or is granted honorable dismissal or leave of absence shall be entitled to a refund of his matriculation fees, except entrance and registration fees, in accordance with the following schedule:

Before the opening of classes – 100%
Within 1 week from the opening of classes – 80%
Within 2-4 weeks from the opening of classes – 50%
After the fourth week – No refund

Laboratory fees will not be refunded after 1 week from the opening of classes where voluntary change is made from one course to another. Refund of tuition for a subject may be allowed only in the case of forced dropping of the subject.