Graduate Mentoring And Apprenticeship Program (GMAP)

The establishment of the Graduate Mentoring and Apprenticeship Program (GMAP) was approved by the UP Board of Regents during the 1221st meeting held on 28 June 2007. The program seeks to narrow the gap between science and practice and improve training of graduate students by providing a venue wherein they can work closely with accomplished and experienced U.P. faculty in instructional activities and research work. The program also seeks to address the need of UP for potential faculty members to sustain its capacity to provide high quality education, conduct research, and implement successful extension and development programs.

The objectives of the program are to generate high quality graduates with distinctive expertise in their respective fields through a dynamic system of experiential learning for students and their effective mentoring by seasoned faculty and researchers in appropriate and relevant instruction and research settings; and develop a pool of qualified and trained potential faculty members for the university’s faculty recruitment program.

Application forms are available at the UPLB Graduate School office or view/download a copy of the form in PDF format.

Accomplished application forms and/or recommendation letters may be sent to our office through post. Due to the poor print quality of faxed documents, we will no longer accept documents sent through fax.

If you are experiencing problems downloading our forms please contact us through email and we will be happy to send you a copy of our forms. Please indicate if you wish us to send it either through email as attachment or through post (indicating postal address you wish the forms to be sent).

GMAP Application and Contract Form

Please contact the UPLB GS Scholarship Section for inquiries: [email protected]